Southern Californians Panic as Light Rain Affects Region

Lettuce Fold

california rain Source:

LONG BEACH, CA — Southern Californians began to panic today as light rain affected the region around 11:00 am Pacific Time. Traffic began slowing down from 30 mph to 15 mph, and in some areas people stopped their vehicles and turned their heads dramatically toward the sky  to see what mystical phenomenon was occurring before their eyes.

“In all my days,” said Vienna Charles of Lakewood, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The rain not only caused traffic to stop in several areas, but businesses have closed down until the rain abates and the weather returns to 72 and sunny.

“You think we’re going to risk our employees going out in this?” said Dan Linchberg of P.I.G. pharmaceuticals, “We demand a lot out of our workers, but we’re not monsters.”

Hospitals too, have seen an influx of people coming in to treat the rain water that has touched their skin.

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