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God is in the Details

Paparazzi Porn


“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.” That is the sentiment of Spotlight, an ennobling procedural drama, in which a glittering ensemble cast does unglamorous work, playing the team of Boston Globe reporters who uncovered and publicized child molestation by the clergy and the cover-up tactics of the higher strata of the Roman Catholic Church. Although Spotlight does not scale cinematic heights, a consistent use of tracking shots, a series of outdoor scenes, one of which is set in Fenway Park, sets the movie apart from television. Generally low-key, Spotlight, thankfully, offers few sermons and no Argo-esque victory laps. Still, as black-and-white as a newspaper, its story pits good guys on one side and villains on the other. And, at times, Spotlight feels a little airtight: when a former priest is accused of child-molesting, he nonchalantly confesses, rationalizing the act by saying, “I got no personal…

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