How Ghostbusters’ Paul Feig failed Patty Tolan

Pop Culture Uncovered

By this time now, most moviegoers have seen the new trailer for the reboot, remake, re imaging or whatever this is slated to be.   Before we dive further, let’s remember what a movie trailer is supposed to do.   A movie trailer is supposed to build buzz about an upcoming movie which will entice a consumer to make an informed decision to go, spend money and time to watch said movie. A movie trailer is also supposed to give us a glimpse at what the story is about and what characters will be in it as well as the roles they will play.

The Ghostbusters trailer did all of that and it was the cause for much conversation on the internet and every last fan picked it apart for many reasons. My colleague Ben gave it a good assessment which some I agreed with. I was mostly on the fence about…

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