Paparazzi Porn


Two time box office champDon’t Breatheis a huis-closhorror flick. The scenario finds three Detroit young adults robbing houses. There’s Money (Daniel Zovatto), thealpha male; his girlfriend Rocky (Jane Levy); and Alex (Dylan Minnette), the vaguely dweeby third wheel who is actually key to the operation, since his father runs the security company monitoring the houses of the people the trio robs. Rockyhas a particularly trying home life—her mom is a deadbeat, her mom’s boyfriend is a neo-Nazi—and she wants to make off with a big enough score so that she cantake her younger sister and put Detroit in the rearview mirror. Enter a blind Iraq War vet (Stephen Lang) whose daughter’s death by a drunk driver netteda six-figure windfall which he keeps in his house. The rest is robbery. As a mainstream horror movieDon’t Breathedoes and does not pull punches. Compared to the tameLights

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